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Fit & fierce is a fitness and nutrition method by Stacey designed to get you fitter and fiercer with your best body yet. Fit and Fierce is a health and wellness brand created for real women with 3 new live online workouts added weekly.

Do You Want To Feel Amazing?

I'm Stacey, creator and founder of Fit n Fierce. My fitness method includes Pilates, Fatburn Extreme and my signature Sculpt class.
I will make you feel so good in your own skin, you will appreciate every inch of your body by consistently prioritising and challenging your body to create the best version of YOU.
**Warning: no make up, no filters, SWEAT and 100% organic.**
Join at your own risk!

Stacey is amazing! She's very supportive and motivating and makes working out with her fun. Her class was challenging and really hit all the target areas.

I enjoyed the class! Lots of laughters, so much fun. I’m energised now:-)

Stacey is super energetic and highly motivating. This is a fantastic class to push yourself and really get results. I highly recommend it!

Stacey is the best instructor I have so far. Looking forward to trying her other classes like Lift n Pilates too. Thumbs up n great meeting you this evening !!!!!

Stacey is such an enthusiastic and bubbly instructor! She really helps to push you through the class... and U will definitely feel like you had a great workout after!

Love Stacey’s class(es)!

Great class ! Personal focus on point

Great class. Lots of energy and passion from the instructor!

Great for sculpting the body, and suitable for all levels as we can always adjust the weights

Stacey was awesome and the class was sooo funnnn!

Stacey has an infectious energy, always pushing us and giving us options to do different version of reps. Studio well equipped. Will definitely return! Thanks Stacey!

Amazing class! Stacey has wonderful energy and motivates you so much. The class is just right for a challenging workout

Stacey is so energetic, make you put all your energy into it, definitely getting slimmer after the class

Stacey was patient, encouraging and ready to push me to my limits

Intense class but great vibe! Stacey's energy helps you push through, lots of variations for different levels/pain points.

loved this class! was a first timer and didn't know what to expect but Stacy made it super easy to follow along. loved her energy as well. thanks Stacy!

Challenging class! Love the abs burn at the second half

Amazing class, Stacey brings the energy out of you and pushes you past your limits leaving you with nothing but achievement. A definite must join and return class you're awesome Stacey!

very passionate teacher who gives clear instructions...she really keeps the whole class motivated and makes the entire 50 mins fun!

Brilliant... loved this class. (Pilates)

Best training with this energetic bunny Stacey!

Stacey is very attentive and supportive. Great class.

Stacey is fab!! I’ll be back!

Great location and intimate class. Stacey was energetic and encouraging. Learnt some good moves.

Brilliant class, Stacey is great!!!! And really pushes you!

Stacey is a great instructor!

I doubt Fatburn classes will ever be easy but Stacey made it fun and her energy is contagious! Thanks for a great class!

Stacey is amazing, energetic and encouraging!! The class is tough but I enjoyed it.

Stacey is awesome!!! She is energetic and inspiring. I’m a big fan of her.

She explains very well how to engage the ab muscles and glutes and strengthen them. Just the right intensity for beginner Pilates.

Stacey is very energetic and encouraging, she ensures you never have a wasted moment during your workout.

Stacey is a great trainer - upbeat and fun and pays really good attention to your posture and alignment!